Silicon Light

Just as electronic image sensors eliminated conventional camera film, spatial light modulators will ultimately replace the familiar chrome-on-glass photo-masks used for decades. Currently, many lithographic industries are transitioning to direct-write mask-less solutions to avoid the time, expense and effort of generating and maintaining photo-masks. Direct-write lithography also brings other unique advantages such as per-die customization, improved substrate utilization and greater manufacturing flexibility. Nevertheless, a key challenge persists for mask-less technologies: throughput. The speed of the light modulator is crucial in achieving throughput parity with mask-based systems. The GLV's record-setting switching speed is well-suited for this emerging market. The example below shows SCREEN’s DW3000 direct imaging tool for advanced packaging. The system can process up to 100 (200mm) wafers per hour with 2.5um minimum features resolution on 0.5um resolution grid.