Silicon Light

We’ve Come a Long Way

Silicon Light Machines (“SLM”) began in 1994 as Echelle Inc. with the goal of commercializing the GLV for high-resolution display. After successfully developing a high-definition full-color laser-based projection display in 2000, the exclusive rights to GLV use in this field were acquired by Sony Corporation. Later that year, SLM itself was acquired by Cypress Semiconductor (San Jose), which had been partnering with SLM for foundry services. The focus of the company shifted to developing a GLV-based dynamic gain equalizer for the long-haul telecom market. However, with the telecom contraction of 2003, SLM re-focused on a development started years earlier with Dai Nippon SCREEN (Kyoto, Japan): to apply the GLV to computer-to-plate lithography. Over ten years of cooperative development, this business enjoyed steady growth, culminating with SCREEN’s acquisition of SLM in 2008. Since then, SLM has been engaged in developing new light modulators to serve direct-write applications both within SCREEN and with other customers.


GLV technology invented at Stanford University research labs

Echelle Inc. launched to develop GLV-based high-resolution display


Echelle changes its name to Silicon Light Machines (“SLM”)


GLV introduced at Society for Information Display Symposium with award-winning paper

SLM launches CtP joint development program with SCREEN & AGFA


Sony acquires exclusive license for GLV in display applications

Cypress Semiconductor acquires Silicon Light Machines

SLM launches development program for GLV-based optical gain equalizer


AGFA & SCREEN introduce GLV-based computer-to-plate lithography systems


SLM wins DARPA grant to develop Planar Light Valve (PLV), 2D analog of the GLV


SLM launches integrated GLV program to enable higher pixel count and functionality


SLM introduces high-efficiency G1088 module for CtP

SLM demonstrates reconfigurable 2D images with Planar Light Valve


SLM produces first G8192 module for direct-write ultra-violet lithography

SLM acquired by Dainippon Screen Manufacturing Co. Ltd.


SLM transfers foundry operations to Freescale Semiconductor

SLM reacquires GLV rights for display applications


SCREEN introduces DW3000 for direct-write semiconductor based on G8192 module


G8192 module qualified for 10,000 hour lifetime under UV illumination (355nm)


SLM opens class 10 clean-room for backend wafer processing in Sunnyvale