Silicon Light

GLV Modules

GLV modules are currently offered in two basic channel count configurations: 1088 and 8192 pixels.  The 1088-channel module is available in three configurations tailored to different applications.  The product comparison table summarizes pixel structure, wavelength range, modulation mode and maximum frame rate associated with each module.

  • The F1088 is an amplitude (contrast) modulator well-suited to wide spectral operation. It can be configured with appropriate windows for ultra-violet (UV, 350-430nm), visible (VIS, 450-670nm), and near infrared (NIR, 780-900nm).
  • NEW The new F1088-HS has an enhanced module architecture that supports column rates up to 350 kHz in AMP mode (1024 amplitude levels for each pixels). The GLV module is separated from the control electronics with a flex cable to allow smaller optical head designs and facilitates optical alignment.
  • The new F1088-P is mechanically identical to the F1088 but employs an alternate pixel structure to allow 0-2π phase modulation in UV or short visible wavelengths.
  • The G1088 is an amplitude modulator employing a unique pixel design for high 0th order efficiency and contrast for the near-infrared (800nm).
  • The G8192 offers nearly 8x more pixels for increased resolution and throughput. It is specifically designed for high 0th-order efficiency and contrast in the UV.
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