Silicon Light

Silicon Light Machines produces test boards for both the 1088- and 8192-channel modules. These boards simulate the action of a dedicated controller board, allowing a limited set of test patterns to be run on the GLV module. The test boards also perform system-level tasks such as sequencing power-up/power-down, reading & writing to configuration registers & memory, and reading module status. The test boards combine a microprocessor with field programmable gate arrays, programmable logic devices, high-speed serializers and SDRAM & FLASH memory. The test boards interface to a host PC through an RS-232 serial interface. Commands and replies are exchanged over the serial interface using an ASCII command set and terminal emulator. The ASCII commands can also be incorporated into user-developed software.

NEWThe T1088-HS supports the F1088-HS GLV Module and generates test patterns at 350 kHz column rates. In addition to test patterns, the T1088-HS allows the user to create custom GLV amplitude data in a spreadsheet and then download the data to the test board using a USB interface.

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