Silicon Light

The GLV has a continuous intensity-vs-voltage or “IV” response. As shown in the plot, the 0th- and 1st-order IV curves are compliments of each other. The 0th-order response carries the highest net optical efficiency, typically 70-80%. As such, 0th-order operation is favored in applications requiring high optical throughput. The GLV 1st-order response yields the highest contrast and contrast ratios in the millions have been achieved in this mode. The shape of the GLV IV curve is characterized as “gamma 4”, meaning that intensity is proportional to the 4th power of the drive voltage. The gamma 4 response delivers high intensity resolution for low light levels and closely matches the sensitivity response of the human eye – a characteristic that makes the GLV an excellent choice for high-performance displays.

The plot at right shows the dynamic (pulse) response of the GLV. The low mass, high tension, and short stroke of the GLV ribbons allow it at extremely high speeds. Typical 10-90% transitions times are <300ns, enabling column modulation rates of up to 1 MHz.